Such Lovely Things

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"When people see me, I’m on the red carpet, perfectly dressed and styled, after two hours of hair and makeup. I’m putting on a show. So when I explain that I have moments when I feel dark or insecure, I understand how it might not really ring true, because there’s this weird double-life thing I have going on." -Emma Watson

(Source: odious, via theflowershop)

Something Like Poetry

There is something staggering in the lyrical words strewn on a page.

Something enchanting. 

They jump into the eyes: sensational beauty!

Creep into the brain,

Flow through the blood stream,

Seep into the soul.

This clandestine tenor trapped within 

Has power to be unlocked only - by a tear or two. 

Streaming out of that whence they came

To evaporate into the air  

And back into the universe. 

Gathered into the clouds. 

Each tear collects 

One by one. 

Until released again. 

The sky’s lament 

Gives back to the necessitous 

Those paralyzed by this callous life 

Who simply yearn 

To feel.